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Sepideh Majidi Gallery Opening

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The digital work of Sepideh Majidi, one of Oblique City’s principals, will be on display at the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, MO. The show is titled, “Mirror Eupepsia", and runs from October 26-December 1, 2018.

From The Curators:

“Mirror Eupepsia is a curatorial installation by artists Annie Woodfill and Monica Dixon featuring the work of Julian Chams, Harper Hair, and Sepideh Majidi. The featured artists, working in diverse mediums, partake in processes of transformation that extract, regenerate and breakdown materials and information. Eupepsia, a Greek word meaning “good digestion,” refers to a shared attention from the artists to metabolisms of interaction and memory, synergistic components of experience, and cathartic absolve. This site-specific installation playfully finds connections between the artifacts of these practices and their proximities. Moving in and out of the present and the virtual, Mirror Eupepsia looks at whether our inner worlds are ever muted when we understand what is outside of ourselves.”


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