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//Children's Play Structure

Location: San Francisco


Year: 2018

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra, Sahand Izadi


San Francisco Design Week, First Place, Residential Interior Design Award, June, 2017


SF Design, Spring 2017-Cover Photo "Termite Mound"




The "Termite Mound" is an award winning installation for one of the rooms in the San Francisco Showcase House. Studio SHK--which had won a competition to design one room in the house--approached Oblique City with the idea of creating an African themed children's play structure to complement the overall design of the room. The structure is created by stacking layers of CNC-cut maple plywood, held together with strategically placed metal rods. The room itself won first prize for Interiors at San Francisco Design Week.

// Steel Stair

Location: San Francisco, California Size: 1100 SF

Year: 2017

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra, Dan Hogman, Sahand Izadi

This concept staircase was designed for a small office space in San Francisco. Each step level is created from one 10" wide bar of 1/2" steel. The entire stair structure is floating, suspended from the loft above.

// Island

Location: Laguna Beach, California


Year: 2014

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra, Jay Liu

As part of an extensive design/build home remodel in an upscale Laguna Beach neighborhood, Oblique City was given one additional task: "Design a kitchen island, and please make it 'different'." The end result was this cantilevered peninsula. The dining room side consists of 43 layers of CNC milled Russian birch plywood. The business side consists of custom doors and drawer front made from bright orange resin, framed with thin aluminum. As a backdrop, Oblique City custom fabricated a modular cabinet wall from raw, corrugated aluminum panels.

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