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// HEIST Interiors

Location: San Francisco, California

Size: 2400 SF

Year: 2014

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra,

Dan Hogman, Quan Tran, Somaneh Jafar.



The HEIST project consisted of transforming an industrial loft space in the Mission District into a video production studio and office. The clients wanted to maintain the open layout as much as possible, while also incorporating sound-isolated editing rooms and a conference room. Oblique City divided the space lengthwise into two parts--one side made up the editing rooms, conference room, corner green-screen, and storage, while the other side consisted of the reception, open work areas, and kitchen. The center space was left for the lounge area and group activities area. Insulated glass walls allowed the editing rooms to remain visually connected to the main space, while still providing sufficient sound isolation.

// San Francisco


Location: San Francisco, CA 

Size: 1200 SF

Year: 2015

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra, Fumio Suda, Sahand Izadi


Inhabitat: Salvaged Beauty’s On the Menu at San Fran’s New Kusakabe Sushi Bar

SF Gate: Kusakabe review: a true omakase menu

Michelin: Guide’s Point Of View


When award winning sushi chef Mitsunoria Kusakabe approached us about the design of his eponymous new Jackson Square restaurant, he had only one request, he wanted the space to feel like the small, low-key restuarants he grew up with as kid in Kyoto, Japan. We developed the concept of sophisticated street food, and the restaurant space would take on the feel of the small eateries located in Kyotos bustling alleys.


Oblique City sourced locally reclaimed lumber as the dominant finish material for the entire space. The walls and ceiling soffit were fabricated from large planks of salvaged eucalyptus--painstakingly ground and polished--which were carefully chosen for their large splits and cracks, revealing their age and . The sushi bar itself--the focal point of the entire space--consisted of one 30' slab of salvaged Elm.

// Flipside Wine Bar

Location: Oakland, California

Size: 1400 SF

Year: 2014

Key Staff: Sepideh Majidi, Shaum Mehra, Jay Li, Kayvan Salmasi


The challenge for this small restaurant was to take the dining area's tiny footprint and create multiple types of spaces, with varying levels of intimacy. To achieve this, Oblique City fabricated large triangular forms to break up the space and create small nooks for different sized parties. The forms consisted of stacked layers of Russian Birch plywood, fabricated on site. For the bar itself, Oblique City custom fabricated a concrete counter in place.

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